АО «Международный центр приграничного сотрудничества «Хоргос»

The Khorgos International Centre of Boundary Cooperation JSC is a public company established under the Agreements between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the People's Republic of China for the purpose of creation of the Khorgos International Center for Transfrontier Cooperation at the Kazakhstan and China border in the Panfilov district of Almaty region.

JSC ICBC "Khorgos" attracts new investors

JSC ICBC "Khorgos" attracts new investors

February 18, 2013 held a working meeting of JSC "ICBC" Khorgos " with representatives of JSC “Kazpost”, JSC NC «KAZNEX INVEST», and the Investment Committee MINT of  Republic of  Kazakhstan.

We recall that on May 15, 2012 signed contracts to provide services for the completion of advance book and a contract for the provision of express post between JSC "Kazpost" and JSC "ICBC" Khorgos "

During the meeting, the "Kazpost" assured the intention to invest in the construction of postal freight terminal at the Kazakhstan part of ICBC "Khorgos".

Also held a working meeting with the Deputy Chairman of Board of JSC «NC «KAZNEX INVEST» - Karzhasov Sergey and expert from the Office of Special Economic Zones of the Investment Committee of MINT of Republic of Kazakhstan, which discussed a wide range of issues on the current activity and the further development of JSC" ICBC "Khorgos" and JSC "Management Company of the SEZ" Khorgos - Eastern Gate".