АО «Международный центр приграничного сотрудничества «Хоргос»

The Khorgos International Centre of Boundary Cooperation JSC is a public company established under the Agreements between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the People's Republic of China for the purpose of creation of the Khorgos International Center for Transfrontier Cooperation at the Kazakhstan and China border in the Panfilov district of Almaty region.

Project’s components

Project Components

JSC “ICBC” Khorgos” carried out the work on updating the General Plan development and change of the Center for Development of the Concept. The focus is on the development of international trade, business cooperation, cultural and scientific exchanges, with entertainment infrastructure.

According a new General plan we have provided:

1)    Trading places;

2)    The place of cultural exchange;

3)    The place of educational and scientific activities;

4)    The destinations with entertainment and sports and recreational infrastructure;

5)    The place of international business cooperation.

Central Square


In the name of the Central Square is used the name of “Samruk” Kazakhstan’s poultry, construction of the building planned by analogy with the Kazakh flag, symbolizing “the sun”. The prototype of the shape of the building is a Kazakh yurt, symbolizes the Kazakh tradition and modernity. The property consists of 5 arc-shaped buildings with a single central area. It is envisaged carrying out of celebrations and exhibitions, opening of shopping boutiques, café and restaurants.

Hotel and shopping - entertainment complex


Shopping and entertainment center will be located in the northern part of the Centre it provides trade area, entertainment, fast food, coffee shops and a hotel.

In MFEC also provides individual parking spaces and car parks in each block.


Outlet is the format shopping center, which specializes in selling clothes of famous brands at great discount prices.

Congress Hall

The building of the congress hall is intended for large international meetings, conferences, symposia, the meeting place of major international financial and industrial organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, China, Russia and other neighboring states. Common Economic Space within the EAEC, no need for a visa will attract a lot of attention for the operational business meetings with Chinese businessmen, holding international symposiums and conferences, which will be held at the Cultural and Exhibition Center.

Hotel and shopping complex 3 stars

The hotel complex comprises a 3-star. The hotel is provided with a capacity of 90 rooms and a one-storey annexe restaurant for 500 seats, as well 420m2 of retail space.

Hotel 5 stars

With south-west side of the Central Square is planned to build 7-storey hotel complex with a full range of services. In the 5-star hotel provides 180 rooms, a restaurant with 250 seats and commercial premises. The building is in the form of national Kazakh yurt, which will be located restaurant complex and retail space. The structure of the hotel complex provides an entertainment unit (billiard halls, gambling machines, cinema hall for 200 seats, restaurants and café bars with 500 seats, and other). Administrative - economic unit.

City of artisans

The architectural concept of the City of Artisans made in the Central Asian style. The purpose of the zone is to introduce the City of Artisans tourists and other visitors to the Centre with a multi-faceted and unique culture, handicrafts and economic development of the peoples inhabiting Kazakhstan and other states bordering with Kazakhstan. The ethnographic park includes the construction of separate national units. Each unit includes exhibition halls, cafes and restaurants of the national cuisine, cultural and information structures, landscaping and gardening, revealing the features of a particular nationality and the country in general. Entrance to the ethno-village artisans begins with the central ceremonial area where certain national holidays of the participating countries and other significant historical dates will be themed massive festivals and other cultural events.


Therapeutic and health center with 120 beds closed inland water body area of 2790 m2. The resort will be able to receive medical help citizens with respiratory diseases, cardiovascular, peripheral nervous and urinary system, the musculoskeletal system. There are water, physiological, heat treatment facilities, the salt mine, laser therapy, heliotherapy, mud applications, etc. It offers clients a restaurant, a library with reading room, a concert hall, children’s entertainment center, an internet café and other structures of entertainment. In addition, there is a universal gym, indoor pool, sauna, bowling alley, exercise room, fitness center.

Sports and Entertainment Complex

The sports complex will be a place of entertainment and water sports living in the Center and tourist venue of various sporting events. On the territory of sports complex provides for the construction of parking lots, bleachers for spectators, a water park, swimming pool, large sports complex.

International Kazakh – Chinese University

International Kazakh-Chinese University consists of two seven0storey educational buildings (campus) 2,000 training places Directions University: ensuring the development of the education system of modern popular specialties with assignment of international certificates.

Living sector

The living area will be provided for visitors and for the Center staff, which will be located in the southern part of the Centre.

Area transportation and transshipment terminals

Area transportation and transshipment terminals arranged in the southern part of the Centre. Assignment of terminals for temporary storage of goods arriving from China and the load on the vehicles of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the accumulation of inventories, exported from Republic of Kazakhstan and other neighboring states. Around each terminal provides parking for heavy trucks.

The objects of life-support center

As part of the critical infrastructure of the Centre will provide facilities such as water intake facilities, sewage pumping station, substation 110/10/10 kv, 115 MW boiler, pond storage capacity of 14,000 m3.